Donations needed…

By: Rudy Lopez

MSSC is being asked to attend events as an exhibitor. We have exhibited at the Natural History Museum for three years, The Cooper Center & OC Parks this year and have been asked by other organizations to attend their functions.

At the present time we have been very lucky to have had donations from club members that have made it possible to give every kid we meet at these events a rock or mineral. But we will need a lot more. We have provided over 3600 bags of rocks or minerals to kids so far. Each year at the Natural History events our counts have gone up by 300 bags or more.

Donations of minerals or rock will help provide mineral bags for our events to give to the kids. Donations will also help provide silent auction items that will bring money to MSSC to fund these events if needed. We have silent auctions at our annual meeting and Micromount Conference every year, and last year had a silent auction at our annual picnic.

If you have something you want to donate for any of our events you can e-mail: Rudy Lopez: I will also pick up if needed. Remember these are items we can bag or sell at any of our events. Rocks or minerals don’t have to be bagged. If you have identification labels, just put it in with your donation and Rudy will make sure the label gest in with that bagged rock or mineral.

We will be glad to send a thank you for your donation for your taxes if needed.