Pictorial Society History

"Meeting held in my (John Renshaw, Arcadia, CA) backyard to give instructions in cutting stones to amateurs. Kenneth Reed was instructor. As far as I know this was likely the first meeting of its kind held in So. Cal. or perhaps U.S.A. Reed 4th from right. Calvert by table in front." Date unknown.

MSSC with Los Angeles Mineralogical Society and Orange Belt Mineralogical Society host Mineralogy day, 16 June 1935, at California Pacific International Exposition, San Diego, CA.

MSSC donates to the War.

MSSC hosts CFMS show, 1946.

Field Trip to Gold Rock Ranch, 29 March 1953.

Preparing for the show at the Odd Fellows Hall, "Minerals on Parade," June 1963.

At the Show, members in a discussion, 1 October 1966. Left to right: Rock Currier, Milton Wise (back turned), Bob Pederson, Bruce R. Lee, Gus Meister.

MSSC President, Wayne Leicht, presents Paul Desautels (on right), Curator of Minerals at the Smithsonian Institution, Honorary Membership in the Society, 8 February 1971.

MSSC President, Wayne Leicht, gives Stanton Hill (on left) with donation to Van Amringe Scholarship Fund, January 1973.