Lead Mtn Mine near Barstow, Saturday, Oct 28, 2023

Hi mineral friends!

Our first collecting trip of the season on Saturday, Oct 28, 2023, will take us to Lead Mountain Mine near Barstow.

We will meet at 9 AM at a large parking space on Old Hwy 58 near exit number 186 from I-15 in Barstow. Here are the GPS coordinates of the meet place: 34°54’38.1″N 116°58’37.3″W. The Google Maps link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/e6NTxJow5DzJB6n96

It’s 110 miles from Pasadena, so the driving time is slightly over 1.5 hours. If you’re late, you can easily catch up with us — go right at Meadow Grove Rd intersection, then take the right, eastern, fork at the big Y, park at the pad with the others, and walk north a few hundred feet towards the mine adit. The path is marked yellow on the included map. The road to the mine is a bit shaky and might have gotten slightly worse since the last trip, but vehicles with reasonable clearance will make it with no problems. 4WD is not necessary, but very low clearance vehicles like Prius might not be happy for the last rougher half mile of the dirt road.

We will go into the main mine adit, so hard hats are required. I’ll bring a few extra. Also, bring your flashlights, UV lights, dust masks, and your preferred tools. A hammer and chisel will help to break off good pieces. Buckets are OK; plenty of material can be retrieved from the dumps and inside the adits. People interested in mining history can visit miner house ruins behind rocks around the corner. Don’t forget water! Hydration is very important in the desert.

The last time we were in the Lead Mountain mine area was almost four years ago. We collected excellent gemmy or milky baryte blades, nice hemimorphite sprays, galena pods, and fluorescent calcite. Micromineral enthusiasts found black coronadite, plattnerite, hetaerolite, gemmy red goethite, yellow mimetite grains, and bright red cinnabar grains. Also, a super rarity was found, one micro willemite grain, not reported from the mine before that trip. A lot of excellent UV fluorescent material is exposed, so bring your UV torches and lamps. See the report here: Lead Mtn Mine, Jan 5, 2019
For the mine data and full list of minerals, visit this Mindat page: https://www.mindat.org/loc-18931.html

The weather report shows a significant cooldown predicted for the next week, down to 71F mid-Saturday 28th, so dress in layers. It should not be as cold and windy as our last trip, though.

I hope all of you will join me,