X-Dana Mineral Spreadsheet Download, 2023 edition

X-Dana Mineral Spreadsheet (2023 updated version)

The version shown above is a piece of the spreadsheet that you can scroll and edit, no changes will be saved.  For the complete spreadsheet follow the download instructions below.

Written and updated annually by MSSC member Bob Pedersen and offered for your use by the MSSC.

Click here to download the entire spreadsheet (36 MB zip file)

To download and open the file

  • click on the link and it will automatically download to your computer
  • find the downloaded zip file on your computer, it is named XD 2023.xlsx.zip.
  • double click on the zip file to decompress the file, you will now have a Microsoft Excel file named “Distribution 2023XD.xlsx”.
  • It may automatically appear on your desktop, in your downloads folder, or in your documents folder (it depends on what type of computer you have and how it’s set up).
  • If you would like to order a copy on CD ($10 includes S/H), please contact the program chairman.
  • Questions, comments, or problems, email programs@mineralsocal.org