Next fieldtrip: Red Cloud Mine, AZ, Sat, Oct 24, 2020

I hope you’re staying healthy and safe! I’ve dropped plans for the Palos Verdes barite trip in July, it’s too early to schedule anything so soon. I still encourage all of you to get out and hike, for example, Santa Monica Mtns, even if not collecting, just stay away from crowds on trails. Or just walk around the block. I’m very restless after working from home for over 3 months now and pretty much any activity outside will help. We want to be in good shape when collecting restarts.

Now, let’s look ahead a few months. The world-famous Red Cloud Mine is still accepting people to collect wulfenite on dumps based on a fee. They are planning to reopen the mine in the middle of October when the heat subsides and I’m hoping that the virus subsides by then as well. The fee per person is $35 for groups up to 20 people, and $20 for groups over 20 people. I’d like to know if you’d be interested in the trip on Saturday, Oct 24th, with a backup date on Oct 31st in case of bad weather. Some of you have attended another society trip there earlier this year so I do not expect a huge turnout. I think even if the virus is still going around we could separate ourselves easily on the dumps. Collecting underground there is not allowed. The Mindat location is

There are some options for visitors there. Pets are welcome as long as they are not harassing other guests. Primitive camping is allowed on-site, showers available, bring your own towels. There is another paid site 1.5miles away called North Geronimo Mine, famous for the red vanadinite finds. The fee for this mine is $40. Only people in good physical condition are allowed, as this is an underground dig and access involves a lot of ladder climbing. This could be an option for some people on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. There is an article in Mineralogical Record about this mine and the Mindat location is

The drive is very long, ~300 miles, 5 hours, from Pasadena to Yuma, AZ. The road to the mine is sandy on the way in and gets rough a few miles before the mine. The miners will bulldoze road washouts from the summer monsoons before opening the mine in October. By the way, I will not encourage carpooling on the last segment due to the virus situation, unless arranged privately before the trip. Masks will probably be still necessary, too early to say. And, important — if you feel sick close to the trip, I recommend to stay home, get better, and plan for another trip.

Please let me know if you would be interested, your input is very important,