Red Hill Molybdenite, Feb 19, 2022

Hi, fieldtrip friends!

Let’s get out into the desert together in mid-February for a trip to the Red Hill prospect (a.k.a. L. Shouse mines) on the southern tip of the Ord Mountain south of Barstow. We will meet on Sat, Feb 19th, 9:00 AM at the Harrod Rd turnoff from the Camp Rock Rd north of Lucerne Valley at the following coordinates: 34°33’40.9″N 116°46’55.9″W (34.561352, -116.782205). It is 106 miles, less than two hours of drive from Pasadena.

Here is the link to Google Maps directions:

Then we will continue 7 miles NNW towards the Ord Mtn to the Red Hill prospect on a dirt road. It has some washboard and some deeper ruts, but there is a parallel set of tracks on the side, even a good-size sedan will make it. Mid-February weather usually is very nice for a desert trip. However, in case of rain, I would have to reschedule for the next weekend, Feb 26th to avoid fighting a muddy dirt road.

The mine has good molybdenite platelets, which oxidize into yellow SW UV fluorescent powellite. There are rare gemmy powellite crystals in vugs as well, up to a few millimeters in size. Also present are dark green malachite, blue chrysocolla, hematite, mm-size octagonal magnetite crystals, and pale green and tan stilbite crystals up to a cm size. The Mindat location is here:


Bluish-black molybdenite with yellow to tan powellite   


The same sample under the SW UV light showing the yellow fluorescent powellite


Yellow fluorescent powellite, green chalcedony, and dark red feldspar

Hope to see you all there,