Lonely Butte, Mar 7, 2020

PMMC and Tucson 2020 are now history, so let’s focus on the field collecting again. And just a reminder of the new rule in 2020 — the fieldtrip participants need to be current MSSC members.

The next fieldtrip will go to one of the old-school rockhounding areas in the Mojave desert — Lonely Butte, a.k.a. Brown Butte. The material is petrified reed, petrified palm root, and agate in all shades of brown, from latte to espresso for the coffee lovers. The hillside is littered with chunks of material and there are veins of agate all over the area. The area is on BLM land, just outside of the Edwards AFB boundary. Be mindful of the BLM rock collecting limits, up to 25 pounds a day and the material collected cannot be sold. The agate is good for cutting and tumbling.

Sample of the material available

We will meet on Saturday, March 7th at 9:00 AM at the 55th St exit off Hwy 58, approx. 8.2 miles east from Hwy 14 and Mojave Barstow Rd intersection in Mojave. The meeting spot is located 105 miles from Pasadena, a one-and-a-half-hour drive. The coordinates of the meeting place are 35°01’13.8″N 118°02’01.1″W (35.020511, -118.033631), the Google Maps pin is https://goo.gl/maps/uPtAULiEpKtyVRgMA. From there we will drive 3.2 miles south on good quality dirt roads to the second butte turnoff and park at the foothill, plenty of space for many cars. I think even dedicated sedans will make to at least that turnoff, no need for high-clearance or 4×4 vehicles this time.

The last turnoff coordinates (in case you’re late): 34°58’41.1″N 118°02’05.3″W (34.978083, -118.034818), Google pin: https://goo.gl/maps/ggqpB96KYLMAcWLf9, but don’t use this pin for directions or Google will take you around on various unrelated roads for 30 miles. Use the first pin instead, then head south on the main dirt road. After crossing the railroad tracks bear slightly right to continue on the main dirt road.

Hope to see you all there,